"Baritone Hugo Laporte [...] stole the show. The young singer was indeed astonishing in his interpretations of Largo al Factotum and Toreador's song, two roles that he already sang at Société d'art lyrique du Royaume, and that he owns entirely. He delivered them with such ease (in spite of the lightning-fast tempo in the first) that the audience offered him spontaneous standing ovations each time. [...]

The soloist had already given a good idea of his talent in Di Provenza il mar, il suol, sang in a desirable clarity and remarkable emotion"

La Tribune, Steve Bergeron

Plaisirs coupables de l'Opéra, Orchestre symphonique de Sherbrooke (Février 2019)

" A worthy contribution from Quebec [...] Impeccable also, choosing Hugo Laporte for these songs, since the baritone distinguishes himself by his warm tone, noble singing (Noël Nouvelet), never stilted, and above all, an excellent pronunciation" 

Le Devoir, Christophe Huss

Noël Euroradio (december 2018)

" Hugo Laporte is a top-class Albert, with an elegant, rich and perfectly homogeneous baritone voice " [Translation]

Avant Scène Opéra, Louis Bilodeau

Albert (Werther, Opéra de Québec, octobre 2018)

" Brilliant performance by baritone Hugo Laporte. He offers a nuanced portrayal of Charlotte's husband, with a warm and rich voice " [Translation]

Bachtrack, Emmanuel Bernier

Albert (Werther, Opéra de Québec, octobre 2018)

" Laporte shows a nice homogeneity thoughout his register, high notes keeping their full baritonal color. Quality of french vowels is also one of his strengths " [Translation]

Ludwig van Montréal, Samuel Croteau

Albert (Werther, Opéra de Québec, octobre 2018)

" Hats off to Hugo Laporte's Phantom, for his majestic soaring vocals and his unwavering stage presence " [Translation]

Regard en coulisse, André Lapointe

Fantôme (Le Fantôme de l'opéra, Orchestre de la francophonie, juillet 2018)

" Tremendous cast [...] Hugo Laporte is exceptional as Phantom. His powerful and solid voice, as well as his convincing acting portrays a mysterious, scary but tender maestro. " [Translation]

Musical Avenue, Nathalie Katinakis

Phantom (Phantom of the opera [French world premiere], Orchestre de la Francophonie, July 2018)

" Hugo Laporte, unrecognizable with his mask and his Phantom makeup, solidly delivers his character, and is touching. His singing and acting portrays well the paradoxical nature of the character [...] His vocal mastery allows him to accomplish the challenge and he appears bigger than nature, as it should be. " [Translation]

Ludwig van Montréal, Caroline Rodgers

Phantom (Phantom of the opera [French world premiere], Orchestre de la Francophonie, July 2018)

" Shines Hugo Laporte's blazing Mercutio, whose Ballad of Queen Mab is a model of elegance. To perfect diction, he joins the elegance of the style, and pure beauty of sound, qualities that we also hear in his duel with Tybalt, and his death. " [Translation] 

Avant Scène Opéra, Louis Bilodeau

Mercutio (Roméo et Juliette, Opéra de Montréal, May 2018)

" Hugo Laporte performed a colorful Mercutio, full of repartee. He truthfully fulfilled the expectations after winning several prizes in national and international competitions. He was making his debut at Opéra de Montréal and we can only hope that he will be singing more prominent and bigger roles in the upcoming years. Note to the direction of the institution. "[Translation]

L'Opéra, Revue québécoise d'art lyrique, Frédéric Cardin

Mercutio (Roméo et Juliette, Opéra de Montréal, May 2018)

" Hugo Laporte, more than excellent Mercutio [...] His voice is beautiful, well placed, and his technique is solid, and in addition to these two essentials, he impressed by his ease on stage, his presence, gestures, and his dynamic and enjoyable acting. " [Translation]

Caroline Rodgers, Ludwig van Montréal (translated)

Mercutio (Roméo et Juliette, Opéra de Montréal, May 2018)

" Hugo Laporte excels in the role of Mercutio. The voice is round, warm and the aria "Mab, la reine des mensonges" in the first act is very well performed. He is convincing in the the act 3 scene where he is hit by Tybalt's sword. We absolutely have to see him again on stage in the next years. " [Translation]

Eklectik Média, Dominique Gauvreau

Mercutio (Roméo et Juliette, Opéra de Montréal, May 2018)

" The baritone from Quebec Hugo Laporte succeeded very well his baptism of fire as Mercutio [...] (admirable aria "Mab, la reine des mensonges" " [Translation]

Christophe Huss, Le Devoir

Mercutio (Roméo et Juliette, Opéra de Montréal, May 2018)

" The young singer, winner of the OSM Standard Life competition 2014, already possesses a stunningly rich sound. At his age, he has an outstanding ease in range and mastery of phrasing. [...] Very attentive to Hugo Laporte's performance, the public had crowded the hall to come listen to one the the most promising young artists of his generation. "[Translation]

L'Opéra: Revue québécoise d'art lyrique

Recital: "Passion & cantates de Bach", Saint-Benôit-du-Lac Abbey, August 1st 2015

" Immediately, the prodigious baritone Hugo Laporte fills the entire stage with his charisma: powerful voice, convincing acting, instantaneous connection with the audience " [Translation]

L'Opéra: Revue québécoise d'art lyrique, Bernard Côté

Concert Hugo Laporte et ses amis au FestivalOpéra de St-Eustache

" Hugo Laporte and François-Olivier Jean almost stole the show as Le Dancaïre and Le Remendado. They glowed, and their quintet Nous avons en tête une affaire, with Florie Valiquette and Christianne Bélanger, was electric and charming. "

Montreal Gazette, august 2015, Lev Bratishenko

Role: Dancairo (Carmen), Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal (OSM)

" In addition to his very good singing, Signore Laporte's acting is equally excellent. " [Translation]

Daniel Raymond,

July 2017, Festival de Lanaudière, opera excerpts with Orchestre du Festival

" Baritone Hugo Laporte delivered a remarkable version of the famous aria ["Largo al factotum"] " [Translation]

Daniel Coté, Le Quotidien

Role of Figaro, Société d'art lyrique du Royaume, Saguenay, Canada. February 2016.

" Hugo Laporte, laurate of the latest Montreal symphony orchestra competition, in total control of his voice, portrays an enthusiastic Bonafede,  engaging and full of candor. " [Translation]

Marie-Claude Perron, Revue L'Opéra

Role of Bonafede, Il Mondo della luna de Haydn, University Laval opera workshop, Québec, Canada. March 2015.

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L'été des musiciens: Hugo Laporte - le Fantôme de l'opéra et autres aventures estivales

Caroline Rodgers, Ludwig van Montréal. June 6 2018.

Une carrière à l'envol supersonique

Published in Le Fil, by Brigitte Trudel. January 21 2016. 

NOUVEAUX VISAGES: Un jeune baryton parmi les grands

Published in La Presse, by Caroline Rodgers. January 2 2016.

Un baryton à la voix d'or

Published in Le Soleil and Le Fil, by Renée Larochelle. December 13 2014. 

Hugo Laporte is one of CBC's "30 hot Canadian classical musicians under 30"

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